February 14, 2016

Bonus Memo: What’s Stopping You Getting What You Want? Maybe PSTEC’s Tim Phizackerley Can Help You Change That.

Cash interviews British hypnotherapist Tim Phizackerley, inventor of the PSTEC percussive sound technique, a remarkable system that could, when applied correctly, change a person's life for the better. According to Tim, people have used it for helping heal physical problems, for expunging painful memories from the past, for making money, and just generally for improving their lives and shaping their future. 

During the chat, Cash and Tim discuss how the system works, the definition of rich, what factors stop people getting rich, and also how Tim came to create the unique PSTEC system in the first place - his story is astonishing and heartwarming. 
PSTEC audio programs are available HERE.  
It should be stressed perhaps that Cash is simply an enthusiastic user of the PSTEC audio system and has no financial stake in it, nor - and this is important - can he vouch for the effect the programs will have on you. He has personally seen big benefits so far, but that's him. Every body is different, and everybody reacts differently. Before investigating PSTEC, you might think you should consult a healthcare professional. Follow that impulse. 

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