October 1, 2015

Episode 13: Have We Finally Found The Real Cause of Candida?

Cash discusses his personal experience with the horror that is Candida, and what he's come to believe is the real cause.

Although we're always told to consult healthcare experts when trying to treat our diseases - and we should, obviously - what happens when our healthcare experts are a little hazy on why we're sick in the first place? That's the question Cash Peters, as a layman and journalist, tackled in his highly successful A Little Book About Believing. After all, doctors are there to treat symptoms, they don't heal disease; only the body can do that. Medical professionals are therefore facilitators, not miracle workers. So...what if there's a deeper, unacknowledged cause to disease than merely the symptoms?
Cash's A Little Book About Believing can be found HERE, and his book on Candida, Taming the Beast Within, can be found HERE.

Nothing in this episode is to be construed as medical advice. For goodness' sake! To repeat: all health issues must be dealt with by healthcare professionals, not by a travel journalist.


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