On a rare return to form, and to the podcast, Cash explores the upcoming eclipse and what it means for us as individuals and also the world. This is a tricky time. And there's more to come. 

He also explores how to beat back anxiety with gratitude, and the technique you need to adopt if you want to receive a cosmic downloads from Divine Consciousness, such as the one he received this week. 



Time to crow. Cash talks about the growing success of his Facebook Live broadcast with Debbie Griggs, plus the problems of filtering people who want to appear on it. 

Excusitis seems to plague people. Or they worry too much, or they think of nothing but problems. "Why am I so poor?" is not a good question for someone who is experiencing a lack of money. Just as 'Oh, I'm always sick" is not a good statement for someone who wants to be healthy. 

There's a clip of Neale Donald Walshe discussing the secret of getting money, plus some general discussion about a huge argument Cash had with his partner that made him ill, and how wearing crystals can play havoc with your energy. 



This week, Cash explains why he didn't do a podcast the past two weeks. He also discusses the intention behind his new experimental Facebook Live weekly show with Debbie Griggs.

There are clips of Oprah on THR's Awards Chatter, Caroline Myss on Hay House Radio talking about entering the third phase of life, Anne Lamott giving her Ted Talk about life lessons learned, and a story from Osho about how the author of Think and Grow Rich didn't grow rich until he wrote the book. Before that he had nothing!


This week on the show, with the help of clips from Carolyn Myss and an article by psychologist Martha Beck, we take a look at the questions we are afraid to ask ourselves.

Are we afraid of being fully conscious? Myss says we are. Even though we set intentions and think we know what we want, when the divine prompt comes tellig us to go and claim them, we become nervous and shy away. That's why we don't get want we want. 

There's talk of feng shui and manifesting desires, not letting anchors weigh down our psyche, and what we need to do if we're to remove the barriers that stand between us and getting what we want. 







Despite still struggling to get the iTunes Store to accept that the podcast name has changed, Cash produces another episode, this time about giving up trying, and allowing what's right to happen.

There are clips of Chris Hardwick talking to Charlie Hunnam on The Nerdist podcast, and also a big discussion about what it means to step outside your accepted reality, with all its restrictions and boundaries, and live the life you were put here to live.

He also talks about his idea of officially being a mentor to people. Then he looks up the word 'mentor' and is not quite so sure.  




In this episode Cash discusses a book called Extreme Ownership, about how to take full responsibility for your life and be the best you can be in every minute of it.  

Like it or not, the Shift is upon us. Although he doesn't quite understand what a north node is, astrological, Cash explores the changes that are likely to happen in the next three years, when the north node is happening, reflecting changes that took place in our lives in 1998-2000 when it last happened.

There's a clip of James Corden talking about being the best version of you, director Guy Ritchie explaining ownership of life, and Daniel Scranton, who channels messages from the Arcturian Council, Archangel Gabriel, and the Unicorn Collective. Oh yes. 



After a night on the town doing a food crawl, Cash crawls out of bed to record a podcast about how to remove harmful emotions from the cell structure of your body. 

There's talk of Lynne Waldrop, a medical intuitive, and her audio programs, plus an emergency discussion about the dangers of Himalayan salt lamps, some of which are exploding and had to be recalled. Also Cash investigates whether goal-setting has any real value to your soul or if you're just being incongruent by trying to prove yourself to other people. It's all ego stuff.

Also, there's a clip from Lewis Howes' podcast about greatness, in which bestselling author Donald Miller talks about not becoming a victim.  


This week we tackle feng shui. Not voluntarily, but events conspired to force Cash to change his life. This led to a total overhaul of his belongings, his surroundings, and his outlook on life. That's hefty stuff. 

There are wise quotes from Pema Chodron, Alan Cohen, and Anias Nin, and tales of how changing your belongings around and cleansing your life can revolutionize your prospects and clear a path to your destiny. How great is that?

The feng shui book is Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life by Karen Rauch Carter.

Cash is contemplating changing the podcast's name to be the same as his Twitter handle. What d'you think? Write to him at morningmemo@yahoo.com.




This week's episode got hijacked by circumstance after Cash received a piece of hate mail. He discusses his reaction to it, how traumatized he was at first, and how misguided the writer of the email is. We live in an age of trolling and instant judgment, much of it baseless. How do we deal with that? How do we pour love and compassion over other people's imaginary fears? That's what he explores. 

After that, there was little room for bouncing back and doing a regular show. Next week, back to normal. 


A slow-burn start - due to Cash having energy healing the day before recording - the show soon picks up to talk about how to heal the world, and yourself along with it. 

There's a discussion of Martha Beck's video about how to heal society from the inside out by becoming beacons, another video from Indian mystic Sadhguru, who talks about how nothing outside of yourself is real and only becomes real if you allow it to impact you on the inside, and we tiptoe through the idea of having your vibration measured. The name of the site and the person doing it have been bleeped out. 



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