It's been a while since the last episode. That's because Cash has been, in his own words, 'up to stuff.' But now he's back, and not just back, but back with some really remarkable news.

This podcast has been a two-year journey of discovery and it all culminated in events that happened this week.

What caused the breakthrough was something called Intuitive Crystal Mapping, from Jody Ben-David, what seems like a phenomenally powerful way of shifting energy. Cash explains and discusses how it impacted him, and how he got stuck in a hotel in Denver while he was going through the process.  

If you're interested in Intuitive Crystal Mapping, click on the link to visit Jody's website. 





In this episode, Cash talks about the current restrictive food regime he's been on for three weeks, and how it's made his own life hell and also the life of everyone who has to deal with his moodswings. 

Mike from Lean-Minded Transformations Inc. speaks to us from his YouTube Channel, and Jessica from Mommy Archives does the same, but mainly about chicken sausage. 

Also, there's discussion about an astonishing psychic advisor called Kimber Allen. She arrived out of the blue, but has an astonishing gift. Cash found the reading so accurate that it blew his socks off.  



It's been a while since the last episode but Cash received an amazing download of insights recently and simply couldn't resist sharing. 

The show is about setting intentions, but not in the regular way. You can't get where you want to go in life if you don't set the right kind of intention. One will defeat you, another will send you soaring. It's vital we choose the right one. Cash discusses how. 



In a fascinating exploration of what it takes to raise your vibration, Cash explores a new sound program that rids the body of anxiety, anger, and fear.

There's also talk of crystal healing, the 'Reptile Brain' and where it's located in the body, the power of a green powder called Tonic Alchemy, and the benefits of releasing parental energy and becoming your true self.  

Quotes from Jim Carrey and Don Miguel Ruiz



After two years of exploration and learning, Cash finally arrives at his destination. It's the culmination of his shamanic journey, and it brings him to Jerusalem and a burst of healing.  

In this watershed episode, he reveals what happened to him in Israel and why that he discovered there has an impact, not just on his life, but on everyone's.  



In this last episode before he begins his spiritual quest, Cash explains his reason for leaving everything behind for a while and embracing new spiritual horizons in the coming weeks.  

There's something about shamanic healing and about Jim Carrey's message in the wake of the New York Fashion Week 'bonkers' incident when he started speaking multi-dimensionally to a three-dimensional mindset. 



So here's the issue: Cash has a swollen eye. He enlists Jocko Willink and others to get him off his pity-couch and back into the world regardless.

In this episode, he discusses the power of a black tourmaline bracelet, a meditation series by Carolyn Myss called Entering the Castle, about exploring the soul and releasing old habits, and tries to get on board with Jim Rohn's rules for success.  



After Cash's Facebook page gets trolled, he explores what this vile attack means when it happens to us and what positive things we can take away from it. It's a chance to put into practice the lesson learned last week from Brene Brown. 


On this episode, we reach deep into our grab bag of success principles, ideas that have sustained us for years, and begin to throw them out. It's time for a spiritual reboot. 

Cash is blown away by three new and unlikely influences:

The Oprah Super Soul Sunday podcast

Jocko Willink and Leif Babin's phenomenal book Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy Seals Lead and Win, and 

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson (except that in the show Cash doesn't include the asterisk, because we're grown-ups.) 

It's a dazzling set of revelations that will change your perspective on life. 



On a rare return to form, and to the podcast, Cash explores the upcoming eclipse and what it means for us as individuals and also the world. This is a tricky time. And there's more to come. 

He also explores how to beat back anxiety with gratitude, and the technique you need to adopt if you want to receive a cosmic downloads from Divine Consciousness, such as the one he received this week. 



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