In another episode bursting with spiritual goodness, Cash provides a list of ways you can raise your vibration and make life easier, as well as asking five questions that will help you find your purpose. 

Adam Leipzig is a TV executive turned motivational speaker. Some of the points he makes in his Malibu TED talk could change the way you look at the world. 

Also, everyone asks, 'How do I raise my vibration so I can become more prosperous or get what I want? Nobody really seems to know. Cash offers a clip of channeler Darryl Ankar and his spirit Bashar talking about trusting that everything in life has a reason, and provides a list of ways to lower your vibration and a list of ways to raise it. Everyone should pay attention. It's important stuff. 




Cash is back - remarkably, on a Thursday for once! - with talk about a book called the Buddha's Diet and how he's putting it to use in his life, plus the uses for a supposed 'miracle' oil - Black Cumin Seed.

There's also some housekeeping stuff, including an update about the Psychic Drive-Thru with Debbie Griggs, unsubscribing to Netflix, ways to stop worrying, and whether a fly landing on your papers while you're talking about the future is a bad omen.  



The amazing psychic Debbie Griggs returns for a full show in which Debbie contacts Spirit about six volunteer listeners, and Cash uses psychometry to analyze their handwriting. Together, they discuss people's issues, insecurities, strengths, blockages, and the future. 

During the first show, Cash and Debbie were right on the money with their analyses. Now they try again, with six more people. It's fascinating, great fun, and a guilty pleasure.



Short, sweet, and with more coughing than usual, Cash brings you the very last Thursday Morning Memo. Not because the podcast is ending, but because it's changing its name. Why? He never gets it done by Thursday morning. That's it. 

Also he's sick. 

So there's a discussion about what to do to help cold symptoms, escaping angry friends who are furious at Trump on social media, and a throw forward to Cash's next Psychic Drive-Thru with Debbie Griggs in two weeks' time. 









This week, still in somewhat of a drunken haze, Cash delivers the episode late and explains why. Not only why, but why it actually benefited him greatly not to do it. There's a huge lesson here.

A recently discovered audiobook by the incredible Stuart Wilde - Infinite Self: 33 Ways to Reclaim Your Inner Power - has been a very unsettling influence this week, instructing the listener to become more disciplined in his spiritual practice while also shrugging off the ties the band. Somehow, from this tiny idea, Cash manages to pad out an entire podcast, despite having a hangover. 



This week Cash wanders up an interesting by-way, talking about the philosopher and author Stuart Wilde, and also discussing why you should never chew gum - it's eating your stomach lining alive.*

Stuart Wilde produced some of the most subversive self-help materials ever, including stuff about never competing and showing how powerful you are by not showing how powerful you are. There are a couple of clips from his audiobook. A brilliant man. There's also chat about Cash's reluctance to be a guru to other people, and why is the time to pay off our credit cards in full. That's what Cash is doing  after forty years of always being in debt.  


* Cash is not a doctor or dentist. You don't need to be told that, it's so damn obvious. He's just a journalist who's obsessed with his health. 


This week we discuss ways to face the next few years and keep our spirits up. It's called the 'trickle-up effect'. We have to do our bit in our own small way and change the world from the ground up. 

There's also talk about why you might want to consider putting blue-green algae in your green drink, an excerpt from Clarissa Pinkola Estes' writings, a clip of George Lucas explaining The Force, and Cash also reads out reactions to last week's episode, The Psychic Drive-Thru with Debbie Griggs. 



This week, a very special edition of the Memo. Debbie Griggs returns to do her psychic thing on seven lucky listeners. 

Debbie is a photo psychic, which means she can look at someone's photo and know a whole lot about their life. Cash has a gift for psychometry also. Together, the two of them tackle pictures and writings submitted by listeners to the podcast. 

Debbie's website is






We start the new year with a look at why so many people have no money. Or else they're sick and don't know how to heal. The solution is so simple, but will they do what they need to do? Nope. So here's a reminder. 

Cash also talks about a couple of podcasts that talked about him over the Holidays, features clips from The Secret's Bob Proctor, talking about the Law of Vibration, a quote from Alan Watts about how place in the Universe, and reveals how he met an old guy at a party made Cash cry so hard he had to leave and go home. 



In the final episode of the year, Cash reveals how he's been betrayed by one of his listeners, talks about the success of his Say Yes To Everything month, and explains why he abandoned Facebook. 

There's also chat about millennials and why they're a disastrous generation, through no fault of their own, and also a clip of Steven Spielberg giving sage advice about using your intuition. 

Finally, Cash looks ahead to next week's new Life Quiz episode, featuring Pyschic Debbie Griggs and invites listeners to send in their photos and handwriting to receive free readings on a special podcast episode after the New Year. How exciting is that?  




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